Bicentennial Park Wedding Venues

Bicentennial Park, Homebush is a lush green area situated in Sydney’s west. The grounds are ideally suited to an outdoor wedding ceremony with a number of beautiful venues available.

Adorable Wedding Concepts have a huge range of wedding packages, themes and decorations for hire. Visit our enquiry page for an obligation free discussion about how we can make your wedding ceremony a memorable occasion.

Arch of Pines Bicentennial Park

Garden Wedding Venue
Arch of Pines Wedding Ceremony

The Arc of Pine wedding venue is a nice and private location surrounded by an arc of pine trees from where the name is derived. The pine trees create a seclusion effect and is ideal for couples looking to have an outdoor wedding venue a little more private. The Arc of Pines is suitable for a range of wedding ceremony sizes and wedding themes, comfortably accommodating up to 200 guests within the area. The ground gently slopes towards Lake Belvedere making it the ideal direction to run the wedding aisle with the lake perfectly positioned in the background for a wonderful water view ceremony. Guests and photographers will be treated to a gorgeous setting as wedding ceremony takes place.

There is metered parking available near the wedding venue along Bicentennial Drive. It is short walk for guests to wedding ceremony location.

Booking the Arc of Pines for your wedding ceremony is essential. You must contact the Sydney Olympic Park Authority for all bookings and fees apply. It is recommended to book well in advance of your wedding day.

Bicentennial Park Treillage

Treillage Wedding Ceremony Setup
Treillage Wedding Ceremony Setup

The Bicentennial Park Treillage, offers a beautiful outdoor wedding setting with its large paved area in front of the viewing platform. Features of this venue include the long stretch of paved area and beautiful tree lined grass area off to the sides. A wedding ceremony can be set up in either of these areas and each offer a unique setting.

This area in front of the viewing platform is ideal for a wedding ceremony of approximately 100 guests. A great feature of setting up your wedding in front of the Treillage viewing platform is the stunning pictures a wedding photographer can achieve from the top of the platform looking down.

A range of wedding package will suit the venue and it is completely open to interpretation from the Bride and Groom. Adorable Wedding Concepts can provide numerous options and themes.

The view from the steps of the Treillage Viewing Platform
The view from the steps of the Treillage Viewing Platform

On either side of the Treillage is a beautiful row of trees that create a long arch, perfect for an intimate wedding ceremony package. The area is more suited to smaller wedding ceremonies with the trees allowing for a wedding aisle and approximately 2 chairs either side in any number of rows.

Stunning tree lined wedding ceremony at Bicentennial Park, Homenbush
Stunning tree lined wedding ceremony at Bicentennial Park, Homebush

Wedding Ceremony Packages

Adorable Wedding Concepts has a range of wedding packages perfectly suited to the Arch of Pines, Bicentennial Park, wedding venue and can cater for all themes and styles ranging from small to large in size. View our Eternity Wedding Package to discover a unique and custom style or visit our wedding packages page and contact us to discuss your wedding style.

Wedding Ceremony Package
Wedding Ceremony Package


Address Australia Ave, Sydney Olympic Park NSW 2127
Venue Capacity Up to 200 people
Opening Hours 09:00 to 5:00pm most days
Opening Days 7 days
Booking Required Yes
Bookings Fees From $125
Venue Information
Venue Phone 02 9714 7300
Surface Grass & Paved
Amenities 150m walk
Travel Distance 16 km from Sydney CBD
Guest Parking Meter Parking
Wet Weather Backup No
Water Views Some venues