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Wedding Ceremony Hire | Auburn Botanic Gardens

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Wedding Ceremony Hire | Auburn Botanic Gardens

Japanese Garden
Wedding Ceremony Hire at the Japanese Garden

The Auburn Botanic Gardens is a fantastic location for small intimate outdoor wedding. There are 2 lakes and a waterfall with a number of gardens to choose from and each having its own look and feel, the gardens create a perfect backdrop to any garden wedding.

The Japanese Garden is a beautiful area that overlooks the garden pond. It’s a wonderful spectacle during the Cherry Blossom season (August to early September) if you’re planning a winter wedding and the symbolic blossom that represents beauty and the fragility of life will accentuate the special occasion.

Creating an amphitheatre effect, the Aubrun Botanic Gardens, Sunken Rose Garden caters for a medium to larger outdoor wedding ceremony. The space allows for the hire of more white wedding chairs, and wedding ceremony decorations to enhance the garden setting as seen in our image below. A large arch that sits over the steps creating an opportunity for a colourful floral wedding decorations and creative arrangements in colour or a simple and elegant wedding white. The wedding ceremony image below was an orange and black decoration theme which came up spectacularly with the black wedding aisle complimented with our orange sashes and orange buck wedding aisle decorations.

The Auburn Botanic Gardens, Scented Garden reflection pool is a water setting outdoor wedding location suitable for a smaller wedding ceremony. It is called the scented garden because of beautiful smells emanating from the surrounding garden lavender, sage and frangipani’s.  A limited number of wedding chairs will fit the space, keeping it ideal for an intimate wedding hire. The Auburn Botanic Gardens Scented Garden is one of the few wedding ceremony locations you will find with a backup location. The pavilion sits right next to the reflection pool making it ideal for choosing a wedding ceremony locations in the months where rain is possible. The Auburn Botanic Garden pavilion caters for up to 60 people seated and double that when standing. Add a floral wedding aisle to accentuate the entrance and a dash of colour with our sashes and you have a beautiful wedding ceremony setup.

All wedding ceremony hire and setup within the Auburn Botanic Gardens is by booking only and you’ll need to apply via the Auburn City Council. Wedding Ceremony bookings at the garden are limited so you’ll need to book early to ensure you get the location you want.

This map of the Auburn Botanic Gardens will help with the layout of the venue and choosing a garden wedding location but you’ll need to visit the venue in person before deciding if its suitable for your wedding ceremony.

Adorable Wedding Concepts have styled, decorated and hired to a number of wedding ceremonies at the Auburn Botanic Gardens and our, Princess, Elegancy and  Eternity wedding ceremony packages are suitable for the outdoor wedding location.

Alternatively if you didn’t want to book a wedding ceremony package we are available for wedding decoration hire and ceremony setup’s if you are looking for experts with experience in styling wedding ceremonies and in particular creating beautiful wedding ceremonies at the Auburn Botanic Gardens. ENQUIRE NOW

Auburn Botanic Gardens
Wedding Ceremony Package Custom Setup

If you are looking for a larger wedding ceremony setup we can customise a setting to your requirements or you can choose our Eternity wedding ceremony package starting from $980 and comes with the following wedding hire decorations:

  • 32 x White Padded Folding Chairs
  • 1 x Ceremony Aisle Runner 9m x 1.5m in your choice of Red or White
  • 8 x Low Lying Rose Bed Aisle Decorations
  • 6 x Shepherds Hooks with a choice of Floral Rose Ball, Crystal Lantern, Coloured Bucket Aisle Decorations
  • 1 x White Skirted Signing Table and chairs for the Bride and Groom
  • 2 x Floral Urns & Pedestals
  • 1 x Welcome Sign
  • 1 x Wedding Arch with floral arrangement white draping
  • Mini Heart and Love Sign for Signing Table
  • Big LOVE SIGN letters
  • Choice of available coloured sashes (back row only)



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Wedding Chair Hire

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Wedding Chair Hire

Wedding Chairs
Ceremony Chair Hire

When you’re planning your outdoor wedding, you take extra care to ensure that everything is planned to perfection. This is because outdoor venues are very different from indoor ones and you need to pay extra attention to things like weather conditions, whether the venue has level ground etc. Your guests will be seated for a certain amount of time during the course of the wedding ceremony and you want to make sure that the Outdoor Ceremony Chairs you hire that you opt for are perfect in every way.

It’s not uncommon to find chairs at a wedding that are wobbly or unstable. This can be quite an irritation point for your guests; they won’t be able to enjoy the ceremony and other going-ons at the event and it also ends up leaving a bad impression on them. However, this situation is easily avoidable. All you have to do is opt for White Wedding Folding Chairs from a reliable company like ours. Adorable Wedding Concepts is a company that has been operating in this space for over 15 years now.

 Wedding Chair Hire with Decorations

High quality outdoor chairs

We know what it takes to provide our customers the kind of solutions they need. Every wedding is different and different themes are used for the décor etc. It goes without saying that the styling of the furniture should also be in-sync with the rest of the décor and it’s why we provide a variety of chair designs to choose from. We are extremely focused on providing our customers with high grade solutions and its why all the Folding Wedding Chairs are run through very stringent quality checks.

We check every single chair before and after the event. This ensures no wobbly, damaged or unstable chairs reach your venue. We provide customised solutions and stunning Wedding Chair Sash Ideas, based on the styling you desire. This helps provide the chairs a customised, elegant look. When you opt to hire chairs from us, you won’t really find your guests complaining about any wobble in their chairs.

Different types of wedding chairs 

It’s important that the outdoor wedding venue have furniture that’s light and easily movable in case the weather plays up and the furniture has to be quickly moved to a shaded location. This is also why we recommend to our clients that they opt for white folding chairs and tiffany chairs. We can add sashes of your choice to create the look you want. White is also a colour that syncs well with most settings – classic, rustic, contemporary and modernistic etc. In addition to chairs for your guests, we also provide special Wedding Chairs for Bride and Groom.

We are the multiple award-winning decorators that can provide you the kind of Folding Wedding Chairs you require. Feel free to call us at Adorable Wedding Concepts with your wedding event requirements. The number to call is- 0418624225. You can also send us the details about your special day via our online enquiry and our knowledgeable, friendly and professional experts will call you soon, to discuss the plans and budget.
Wedding Chairs and Sashes

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Wedding Ceremony Aisle Decorations

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Wedding Ceremony Aisle Decorations

Wedding Aisle at Auburn Botanic Gardens
Wedding Aisle at Auburn Botanic Gardens
Planning an outdoor wedding is no mean feat. It involves a lot of planning and thought. Indoor weddings and receptions are considerably simpler to organise, as there are fewer things to worry about.  In comparison, an outdoor wedding poses certain challenges like weather conditions, uneven ground surfaces and no perfect spaces to set the decorations and décor. However, when you hire the services of a company like ours that specialises in organising outdoor ceremony and reception decorations, you are assured that the space will look stunning in every way.

Adorable Wedding Concepts is a company that has been steadily and consistently providing high grade solutions to couples, in and around Sydney. We have been operating in this space since 2001, and since that time have designed and planned some of the most stunning wedding venues the city has seen. Even when the backdrop is breathtakingly beautiful, when a few well thought-out upgrades are added, it forms a more well-balanced whole that helps create the kind of atmosphere you want.

One of the most important aspects of a wedding venue is the aisle. It becomes the focal point of the wedding as the bride and her bridesmaids walk through it. It also means that the attention of all your guests will be riveted to the entourage. This makes it all the more important to ensure that the setting is just right. We provide very unique and attractive, Outdoor Wedding Aisle Runner Ideas.  When couples come to us with their requirements, to discuss their plans and ideas, we pay careful attention to what they want and then provide solutions that are right in line with their needs.

Range of ideas

Our skill lies in ensuring that we add that personal touch to your wedding ceremony aisle. While this is important, it’s also crucial to add features that add the perfect look to your venue and is a reflection of your taste and preferences and we can plan a number of different things, such as:

  • If you like something extremely glamorous, we can line the Affordable Custom Aisle Runners with candles or miniature lights.
  • If you are more romantically inclined, we can set up the aisle in such a way that its lined with the most delicate flowers and twinkling lights
  • If you are hosting a wedding by the beach front, yards of shimmering net fabric may be used to create a setting that blends perfectly with the surroundings
  • If you prefer a more vintage or Rustic Outdoor Wedding Aisle Decorations, we can provide those too.
  • Many of our clients like features at their wedding venue to be more in-sync with their likes, and this is where our special Personalised Wedding Aisle Runners come into the picture.

Customised Aisle designs

In simple words, the Outdoor Wedding Aisle Ideas we provide are a class apart. We use the best decorations and ensure that all the features are well-finished and look stunning in every way.

For any more information about our solutions, the number to call is- 0418 624 225. Speak with our experts about your requirements and they will provide you with various options for you to choose from. You can also send us the details about your special day via this online form, and our knowledgeable, friendly and professional experts will call you soon, to discuss the plans and budget.

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Wedding Ceremony Arch Hire

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Wedding Ceremony Arch Hire

Wedding Venues
Wedding Venues
When you are planning an outdoor wedding, you want the backdrop to be complemented with the right kind of decorations and décor.  With this in mind, many couples opt for Wedding Arbour Hire in Sydney. An arbour is an excellent option for a unique outdoor wedding ceremony. We at Adorable Wedding Concepts have a number of options and styles or arbours on offer; these can become the perfect way to show off the theme of your venue, right from the time your guests arrive at the venue.

We are one of the foremost outdoor wedding decorators in the region and have over 15 years of experience under our belt. We are a highly customer-centric company and focus on providing customers options they would love to add to their wedding venue. Not only do we provide Wedding Arbours for Hire, but we also provide a large number of wedding backdrops to go with the arches. You will find that these are extremely stylish and elegant. Today, adding arches and arbours to a wedding venue have become a very popular trend, and are perfect for weddings that are being conducted in an outdoor venue.

Wedding arches decorating ideas

In most instances, the wedding arch/arbour becomes the focal point of the venue and they are available in a variety of forms and shapes. We understand that all our customers have specific requirements and that is exactly why we customise our services. You can choose from very simplistic arbour designs to ones that are elaborate with fabric elements, lights and flowers etc., and you can choose from Wedding Arches Decorating Ideas such as:

  • Timber arches draped with fabric of different colours
  • Wedding arches for hire with white curtains & flowers
  • Arches draped with white material as well as flowers
  • Boho-style wedding arbour with greenery & white flowers
  • Rustic-style timber arbours with greenery and flowers in various colours
  • Rustic backdrops with white draping material & flowers on every corner
  • Arbours with hanging orchids and glass teardrops and heart embellishments
  • Natural branches with organza curtains and rosettes on the top
  • Natural bamboo arbours with flowers on each corner
  • Bamboo backdrop with shells, mirrors & crystal hangers (perfect for beach weddings)
  • Metal, powder –coated arches with flowers and drapes

Custom designed arches too

All the wedding arches we offer are specially designed & built with outdoor wedding venues in mind. We are also aware that many gardens and parks don’t permit staking and this is why we also offer arches that don’t require staking. Regardless of whether you want only one arch or arbour, or multiple ones across the venue, we can provide you the solutions you need.

We are the multiple award-winning decorators that can provide you the kind of Wedding Arches for Hire you require. Feel free to call us at Adorable Wedding Concepts with your wedding event requirements. The number to call is- 0418624225. You can also send us the details about your special day via this online form, and our knowledgeable, friendly and professional experts will call you soon, to discuss the plans and budget.

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Wedding Ceremony Decorations

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Wedding Ceremony Decorations

Outdoor Wedding Decorations
Outdoor Wedding Decorations

Decorations for Outdoor Weddings in Sydney are a very important aspect of any wedding planning. No matter how simple the event, there are bound to be a certain number of decorative elements. Every couple has very specific requirements when it comes to the ambience of their wedding venue; it’s why we at Adorable Wedding Concepts provide a range of a Wedding Ceremony Decoration Packages. While these packages have some standard features and inclusions, we can customise them to match your requirements.

Wide range of decorations

You will find that we have a very large selection of decorative items for all type of outdoor weddings. Our experts are always here to help you select ones that will match the look and feel of the outdoor spaces on your property.  Not only do we focus on providing you high quality, well-finished Outdoor Ceremony Decorations, but we also ensure that they are all setup perfectly and removed on time, once the ceremony is over. There are a large number of decorations you can choose from, such as:

  • Fairy Light Back drops (different lengths)
  • Chair Covers (choose from black and white)
  • Sashes (in a variety of colours)
  • Range of Candle/Star Coloured Lights
  • Centrepieces- in rustic finishes, or ones in elegant crystal ones
  • Candelabras and a range of glassware styles
  • White Wooden Wishing Wells (ranging from small and medium to large)
  • Bird Cage Wishing Wells
  • Wooden Treasure Chest
  • Welcome easel – The table seating plan is available in silver, black or white
  • Mr & Mrs Plaques or name plaques – these can be painted in a theme of your choice
  • Unity candles- the decorations will be in line with the theme of the venue

Very simply put, when it comes to Decoration Ideas for Outdoor Weddings, we are the experts that outdo ourselves every single time. We know that our customers look for uniqueness and we provide solutions that match their requirements to the tee.  We are focused on providing our customers high value for money at very competitive pricing. Our experts work very closely with you to ensure you are 100% satisfied with the decorations we provide.

Budget-friendly decoration ideas for weddings

There are times when couples feel that outdoor wedding decorations will be very heavy on the pocket. But this isn’t the case; we understand that every customer will have specific requirements and so we provide excellent Wedding Decoration Ideas on a Budget. You are sure to find something you like and decoration elements that will impress your guests too. We provide decorations for the chairs, arbours and boughs as well as arches and for lining the aisle area.

We are the multiple award-winning decorators that can provide you the kind of Wedding Decoration Hire you require. Feel free to call us at Adorable Wedding Concepts with your wedding event requirements. The number to call is- 0418624225. You can also send us the details about your special day via this online form, and our knowledgeable, friendly and professional experts will call you soon, to discuss the plans and budget

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