Wedding Ceremony Decorations

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Wedding Ceremony Decorations

Outdoor Wedding Decorations
Outdoor Wedding Decorations

Decorations for Outdoor Weddings in Sydney are a very important aspect of any wedding planning. No matter how simple the event, there are bound to be a certain number of decorative elements. Every couple has very specific requirements when it comes to the ambience of their wedding venue; it’s why we at Adorable Wedding Concepts provide a range of a Wedding Ceremony Decoration Packages. While these packages have some standard features and inclusions, we can customise them to match your requirements.

Wide range of decorations

You will find that we have a very large selection of decorative items for all type of outdoor weddings. Our experts are always here to help you select ones that will match the look and feel of the outdoor spaces on your property.  Not only do we focus on providing you high quality, well-finished Outdoor Ceremony Decorations, but we also ensure that they are all setup perfectly and removed on time, once the ceremony is over. There are a large number of decorations you can choose from, such as:

  • Fairy Light Back drops (different lengths)
  • Chair Covers (choose from black and white)
  • Sashes (in a variety of colours)
  • Range of Candle/Star Coloured Lights
  • Centrepieces- in rustic finishes, or ones in elegant crystal ones
  • Candelabras and a range of glassware styles
  • White Wooden Wishing Wells (ranging from small and medium to large)
  • Bird Cage Wishing Wells
  • Wooden Treasure Chest
  • Welcome easel – The table seating plan is available in silver, black or white
  • Mr & Mrs Plaques or name plaques – these can be painted in a theme of your choice
  • Unity candles- the decorations will be in line with the theme of the venue

Very simply put, when it comes to Decoration Ideas for Outdoor Weddings, we are the experts that outdo ourselves every single time. We know that our customers look for uniqueness and we provide solutions that match their requirements to the tee.  We are focused on providing our customers high value for money at very competitive pricing. Our experts work very closely with you to ensure you are 100% satisfied with the decorations we provide.

Budget-friendly decoration ideas for weddings

There are times when couples feel that outdoor wedding decorations will be very heavy on the pocket. But this isn’t the case; we understand that every customer will have specific requirements and so we provide excellent Wedding Decoration Ideas on a Budget. You are sure to find something you like and decoration elements that will impress your guests too. We provide decorations for the chairs, arbours and boughs as well as arches and for lining the aisle area.

We are the multiple award-winning decorators that can provide you the kind of Wedding Decoration Hire you require. Feel free to call us at Adorable Wedding Concepts with your wedding event requirements. The number to call is- 0418624225. You can also send us the details about your special day via this online form, and our knowledgeable, friendly and professional experts will call you soon, to discuss the plans and budget